The Change of Life, Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Published: 01st June 2011
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When I was a young woman I heard a lot of tales about aging. Weíve all heard different variations of the same thing, myths passed down from generation to generation. Stuff like youíll need reading glasses the minute you turn 40, or aching joints will become common, and youíll get hot flashes when you reach menopause.

Well, after turning 40 I started having trouble reading and ended up wearing glasses with progressive lenses. My back started hurting and I had some issues there. And then the change started. Hot flashes? That doesnít begin to tell the story.

My first hot flash crept up on me like someone just gave me a wet willy. There I was, minding my own business, speaking before a group of people, and it happened. First, I felt my face flush red, as if I was in front of a large crowd with my skirt stuck in my undies. Then I realized that every single pore of in the skin on my body was glistening with the sweat. Even my knee caps were sweating. It was most unnerving, because I couldnít help but wonder if the people I was with noticed that I are quietly burning up.

Yikes! What just happened? I thought maybe I was just embarrassed for some reason. I didnít understand that I just had a hot flash. Then I realized that I had been having night sweats for months. I was waking up hot and sweaty. It happened all the time. So often that I started sleeping with the fan on and was changing my night shirt automatically in the middle of the night.

Other strange and crazy things started happening to me. Have you ever been disoriented? Have you ever been confused as to where you were? I started forgetting things, like my purse or cell phone. I started lose things, like my keys or sun glasses. When my husband and I went somewhere he would drive very slowly down are street, asking me the whole time if Iíve forgotten anything. I guess he doesnít like to turn the car around and go home halfway to our destination because I left the movies tickets on the bedroom dresser.

The mental tricks that Mother Nature plays on me are especially disturbing. You see, I have a rather high opinion of my reasoning capabilities and intellect. I feel that I am a clear thinker. Well, kiss that goodbye. Now hormones rule.

Fortunately I have a lot of older sisters and have been able to draw on their knowledge and experience. They also have high opinions of their intellect and reasoning capabilities. There are a lot of techniques for coping with the symptoms associated with graduating to the next level of womanhood. There are also a lot of good products that have worked for me.

I like holistic and natural methods versus chemical approaches in my preventative health regiment. I have found great relief by using a certified vegan menopause supplement. It has eliminated the confusion and greatly reduced night sweats and hot flashes. Iím also using a vegan certified hormone treatment that is applied directly to the skin, also with good results.

With all these changes in my body Iíve realized once again that I am mortal and need to take care of myself. Iím working hard to improve my diet and lifestyle. I eat right and exercise more to sustain my overall well being. Iíve recently been reminded of the wonderful joyous experiences that my physical body, mind, heart and soul possess. I gratefully accept life and desire to take care of my physical being in order to be the best energetic self that I can be.

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